From darkness to life
D a r k • n e s s |därk-nis|: absence or deficiency of light

Imagine this.

It’s close to midnight. Your eyes are glued to the pixels on your desktop when everything goes black.

The power just went out.

Reduced to groping, you bump your way around the desk, knocking the table lamp off-balance. You secure the lamp, trying to avoid the end table that you know is around the corner. You begin to make out vague outlines with the aid of the moonlight. Bumping around familiar objects, you stub your big toe on something sharp. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD!

Now limping, you decide to tend to your foot before proceeding any further. You just need a time out…

If walking in darkness is challenging, imagine living your life in it.

Navigating life without light is difficult. Depression, anxiety, abuse, addiction, and other deep-seated hurt weigh the heart down. However, there is hope.

Psychotherapy can shed light into your circumstances, and transition you from darkness to life. Being in therapy affords you the “time out” you need to improve the quality of life and relationships.

You’re not alone!

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